Message of the
Communist Party of Germany (Marxist-Leninist)

Dear comrades of the ALO!

Dear participants of the martyrs commemoration!

We send you also in this year our fraternal, revolutionary and internationalist fightfull greetings to your ALO - Commemoration Day.

We mourn in our hearts and thoughts for the death of the comrade Dr. Faiz Ahmad, this brave founder of the ALO and for comrade Ashraf, member of the central leadership group of the ALO and for all the other prominent cadres of the ALO.

They did it! Those criminal murderers of the Islamic Party of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar! They shot your comrades on November 12th, 1986. Why? Because they fought for the revolutionary liberation of the bloody, terrible superpower of the Russian social imperialism. They fought for a future free, independent and socialist Afghanistan as upright Communists. We don't forget 70 other comrades of the ALO, who let their life in the resistance for liberty and peace between 1980 and 1989.

We mourn for the comrades Akram Yari, Majid Kalakani, Bashir Bahman, Qayum Rahbar, Saydal Sokhandan, Haidar Laheeb, Abdulilah Rastakhez, Hussain Toghian, Anis Azad, Younis Zaryab, Latif Mahmoudi and all the other revolutionary martyrs outside the ALO. We express our deep sympathy and our deep respect to the surviving relatives of Afghan comrades and family members as well as the Pakistani comrades.

Even if all these comrades cannot fight at your side anymore, the ALO will never lose courage and self-confidence despite of their painful losses and you will go on your so extremely difficult and self-sacrificing way of the Marxism-Leninism up to the victory. This is a serious bequest, which is left by the fallen comrades.

But the life goes on and your fight goes on!

We as Marxists-Leninists do always remember our fallen comrades everywhere. The martyrs of the ALO however rise far beyond the mountains of Afghanistan in all directions of this globe. You light up the hearts of the revolutionary fighters in the whole world and you are all a radiant signal and representative example for all of us. We are very proud of you and your deeds! The meaning of your fight for the Marxist - Leninist world movement cannot be assessed highly enough. Without any breathing time you aimed your revolutionary guns decades for decades under sustained fire against many different class enemies in quit difficult changes of situations.

You stand in the midst of the revolution. The Afghan people long for liberty, peace and bread and the ALO will be the only secure weapon, which can satisfy these elementary needs of the people. The working class and the peasant allies will win and finish the infinite sorrows and suffers of the people and built up a happy and peaceful future all over Afghanistan. If the Afghan people fight for the rescue of the war-wasted and beloved homeland then no power of the world can hinder this, no matter whether the enemies are so terribly and strongly armed.

The people will win and avenge the victims!

The revolutionary struggle for liberation of the Afghan people is still alive!

The ALO practices heroically proletarian internationalism!

The ALO fights on the first barricades of the Marxist- Leninist world movement!

Long live the ALO the carriers of the red banner of the world revolution and the defenders of the honorable communism!

Long live the friendship with the ALO!

We stand up and sing with you together the international!

With communist greetings

Wolfgang Eggers
Chairman of the Communist Party of Germany (Marxist-Leninist)