Message of the
Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front (Turkey)

On your great day of commemorating your martyrs, we want to say that we are with you in spirit and we hope that the ceremony occurs with hope and enthusiasm to struggle for the future in honour of the martyrs of the past. We wish to add the slogan, „Devrim Sehitleri Ölümsüzdür" (The Revolutionary Martyrs Are Immortal).

Dear comrades,

We would like to cordially thank you for your letter to mark such a significant day. With great sympathy and enthusiasm we would also like to send you our message to mark such a significant day in the history of your revolution:

We understand only too well how important a martyrs' day is for you, because we share the same feelings. On November 12, 1986, the leading founder of your organization, Dr Faiz Ahmad, and 12 of his comrades were martyred.

The founder of our Party-Front (People's Liberation Party-Front of Turkey, or THKP-C), Mahir Cayan, who pointed out the road to revolution in our land, fell in 1972 with 10 comrades in the struggle which wrote the manifesto of the revolution in Turkey. We are aware that a history written with blood can never be expunged. Our martyrs write the history of the revolution. We are resolute in continuing to carry this banner of the revolution forward, for it is inherited from our martyrs.

Comrades! We understand you very well. While you commemorate your fallen, we can well imagine how great is your enthusiasm at this moment when you give your martyrs the promise that you will continue the revolution until victory.

For we are very enthusiastic in commemorating our own martyrs. On the days designated to commemorate our own martyrs, we heighten our struggle with actions which show the enemy his own impending end.

Our martyrs show us the way. The heroism we have learned from them has become a tradition and a line which has a mass character.

The remembrance of them lives on in our hearts and gives us moral strength for our struggle. No revolutionary organization is without martyrs, nor can there be one without martyrs, for this is the price that must be paid for a society without exploitation and oppression.

But we will certainly keep the promise we have made to our martyrs and crown our revolutionary struggle with victory.


Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front of Turkey (DHKC)
Committee for International Relations

Farsi translation of this message