ALO message to RCYU
Dear comrades of Revolutionary Communist Youth of Ukraine, 

On behalf of the Afghan revolutionary movement we wish you success with your conference of worker’s revolutionary organizations of Ukraine. We hope that this conference will prove to be a positive step in your great struggle against imperialism and reaction. The growth and expansion of the revolutionary communist movement in the Ukraine and all over the world is a source of contentment for us. The blossoming of the new communist movement is in effect a kick to the snouts of the imperialists and their lackeys who have set up a howl of derision over the crumbling of the Eastern Block. They term the overthrow of the sworn enemies of Marxism-Leninism as the death of communism and socialism and have not spared any chance to sling mud on it. This derision of the imperialists and their lackeys have been frozen on their lips by the roar of guns emanating from revolutionary struggles in Peru, the Philippines, Turkey, Nepal, India and other parts of the world. 


The ebb of the communist movement is at an end. Revisionism has received lethal blows and the voice of revolutionary communists are rising in even the most backward countries. Embryos of Marxist parties and organisations and are in the process of formation. In the light of past experiences and lessons drawn from them, there can be no doubt that this time the communists movement shall all the more mightily rend the hearts of the imperialists and their spooks.  

The situation of the world today once again bears out the correctness of the predictions made by the great leaders of the proletariat. Crises, poverty, misery and devastating wars rage all over the globe. The masses are being hashed under the blood-dripping cleavers of imperialism. Despite profound imperialist contradictions, US imperialism –the blood of toilers dripping from its hands and mouth-- demands that all countries obey its commands as the sole superpower of the world. The country which itself has hundreds of thousands of hungry and homeless and is unequalled anywhere in the world in rate of crime and violence wants to be undisputed master of the world. 

The imperialists foam at the mouth on the subject of the demise of revolutionary ideas and have mobilised the totality of their lie-and-deception skills and resources against the Marxist movement. They well know that communism, unlike statues of Lenin and Stalin, cannot be removed and demolished from the hearts and minds of millions of toiling people around the world. Communism emerged from the objective realities of capitalist society and the need for struggle in all class societies. It may be possible to deal death blows to the greatest communist parties and it may be possible to derail socialist countries, but it can never be possible to defeat Marxism-Leninism. The most avowed enemies of Marxism-Leninism grudgingly admit this fact. 


This message is sent to you from a country which for years was the arena of imperialist contest. Today a bunch of Islamic fundamentalists, the most sordid vampire henchmen of imperialism and reaction, have reduced it to a pile of rubble and a land of lamentation. Its shackled people are living a life of hell. Notwithstanding, here too emancipation resistance is alive and kicking, and true communists continue to organise and carry on the struggle despite decimation and being surrounded by enemy fire from all sides. 

We firmly believe what Marxism teaches us: until such time as oppression and exploitations remains upon the earth and class society remains in place there can be no true emancipation of the masses. Let us all take oath from the depth of our hearts not to let down from our shoulders the glorious banner of Marxism-Leninism –the banner made crimson with the blood of our best comrades and fellow-fighters-- until we attain final victory. Let us take oath in the name of our martyrs that we shall respond to the villainous propaganda of the imperialists with lead bullets and renewed fighting vigour. 

Eternal glory to Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong thought! 
Death to imperialism and its regional dogs! 
Long live Proletarian Internationalism! 
The Truth is with us, we shall prevail! 


Afghanistan Liberation Organization 
May 23, 1999