Aggression Of US Imperialism On Afghanistan Should Be Responded With The Destruction Of Its Taliban And Jehadi Lackeys!

Afghanistan and Sudan was the target of US missile attacks some days ago, proving once again its hostile and aggressive nature. The targets were apparently to destroy terrorist camps especially those of Saudi born Osama bin Laden.

Imposing war and bullying weaker countries is in the nature of imperialism without which it cannot continue its aggressive and parasitic life. American imperialism, which has been using the pretext of human rights and democracy against its opponents whenever it suited her, is surprisingly very quick in annihilating humans and supporting the most tyrannical and brutal regimes in order to reach its selfish interests.

The fundamentalist terrorists who are committing the most horrible crimes in Afghanistan, Iran, Sudan, Algeria and other Muslim countries were trainees of CIA who supported them financially and militarily especially in the last two decades. These were proven by American fact finding sources working on the trail of Egyptian Sheikh Omar and his terrorist gang and numerous other sources.

Osama bin Landen is only a rebellious pawn and they have decided to punish him for daring to rebel against the master's orders, of course under the name of "antiterrorist action"! This despite the fact that the United States supports fundamentalist terrorists in Algeria, Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, etc. as long as they are useful for the US's plans.

Traditionally the CIA is nice to its servants until they are no longer useful, or become lazy or rebellious servants, in which case they become disposable, e.g. Noriega of Panama. The same thing was witnessed in Afghanistan when the US armed and supported Golbuddin and other fundamentalists to the teeth, but when the people found them intolerable and excessively disgusting, they were quickly replace by new lackeys --the Taliban.

US could easily wipe out Osama bin Laden if it wanted to. Isn't he living under the protection of their agents? If the US is really against terrorism why does it not strike him in the arms of his protectors who are following the steps of Jehadi traitors and are even more extreme in their dependency, backwardness and terror-mongering. But the US is not whole-heartedly against terrorism, she is only angered by her mad dogs.

With this attack on Afghanistan and Sudan, the US also wanted to send the message to her western rivals, especially France, that after the establishment of Taliban, Afghanistan has entered into its domain and they shouldn't try in vain to revive Rabbani, Masood and Company.

This attack was a good opportunity for Iran where overnight the "great Satan" became transformed into the "great saviour". Iranian fundamentalists are trying to hide the crimes and ineptness of their regime by diverting the people's attention towards a war with Afghanistan and in this way save the crisis- and fatigue-stricken Islamic Republic from the inferno of a mass uprising by the freedom loving people of Iran.

It devolves upon the revolutionary forces in Iran and Afghanistan to change the direction of this situation through coordination and understanding from that of conflict between two criminal religious groups to that of a freedom struggle and a struggle against Taliban fascism and "Vilayat-e-Faqeeh" theocracy under the slogan of "Down with Iranian regime and down with Taliban and Jehadi regimes".

We believe that only the destruction of fundamentalism will hinder the hands of Imperialism and reactionaries from exploiting our country and only success of a democratic revolution would give us the power to stop the blatant aggression of Imperialism and its reactionary lackeys on our land.

Our people who taught a lesson to Russia and its Khalqi and Parchami servants will not let the traitorous crimes of fundamentalists go without punishment.

Down with Imperialism and its fundamentalist lackeys!

Long live unity between our ethnic groups!

Afghanistan Liberation Organisation