Message of the
Communist Party of Germany (Marxist - Leninist)
to the Martyrs Day of Afghanistan Liberation Organization

Dear comrades of the ALO !

We send warm and fightful greetings to you and all the participants of your celebration on the occasion of the 12th of November 1986.

We suffer with you under the loss of your best comrades especially comrade Dr Faiz Ahmad the founding leader of the ALO and all the ten other comrades who were shot by the murderers of the Islamic Party. In our grief about your beloved heroes of Afghanistan there is also melting hate against the imperialists who are the real murderers of the Peoples of Afghanistan. Be sure: Your enemies are the same enemies that we send to hell. They have caused so much sorrows, so much misery, so much destitution, so much oppression, so much exploitation, so much persecute, so much banishment, so much war, so much blood and so much terror to you and your people only to fill their suitcases with big profits and money. But we swear together with you: they will pay the bill for all this. We will never forget what they have done to you, to your mothers and fathers and to your children. The resistance is alive and the revolution will kick all the imperialists out of your country and together with them all the inner enemies, the counterrevolutionary elements who participated to exploit and destroying the peoples by pushing them to shot against one another.

No people in the world had to suffer under imperialism especially in the form of social-imperialism like you in Afghanistan. In further times it was the British, French and German colonialists but the peoples liberation struggle was so successful that in 1919 Afghanistan was free. The imperialists lost one of their most important deployment-zone against the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin. Stalin was very happy about this and he supported Afghanistan with help. Later on the Kremlin czars used their weapons to kill you. But you were once again the winners and the social-imperialist armies were forced to leave your country. Since 1945 the US-imperialists try to put their hands on your country and they put their bloody hands to intervent the anti-Russian war. Uncle sam seems to be very clever when he supports pro -American political forces of all colours. But the law of oppression means resistance and resistance always ended in Afghanistan with the victory of liberation: Ami go home! The peoples of Afghanistan didnít shut the door to the Russians to let you in! No imperialist- no matter who he is - has a right to set one footstep on the soil of Afghanistan! Imperialism means nothing else then war. And war is the last thing Afghanistan is now needing for.

The peoples of Afghanistan need peace, liberty and bread, but not from the imperialists but from themselves. The ALO is the only political force in Afghanistan who is able to fulfill the urgent needs the peoples are longing for.

Under the terrible condition this is a hard task but you will succeed so as you always succeeded in your brave history. Since the foundation of the CPGer/ML in 1968/69 some Marxist - Leninist students were good friends and members of our party. I remember that we celebrated the day of liberation from British colonialism and we celebrated together by dancing the day when the masses disarmed the police exactly 30 years ago on the 26th of October 1967. We were glad to hear about the street actions on the May 1, 1973 in Afghanistan. Yes and we stood on the streets together with our friends from Afghanistan during the anti-Russian war each December since 1979 and we made demonstration against all Russian social-imperialist visitors in Germany. There were many demonstration against imperialism especially against German and American imperialism, but the CPGer/ML were one of the only German organization who struggled against social-imperialism in the same manner. You see, we are in length far away from you but on the streets and in our hearts nearby you - just in this minute, when you are reading this massage to you.

Comrades, what is proletarian internationalism worth when it is not filled with activity against the same enemy? Resolutions of solidarity are important but alone without any activity they are only words that can not help anybody in this world. So let us take our hands together and use them united to smash them on the heads of the imperialists:

Down with imperialism!

Long live the friendship between the German people and the peoples of Afghanistan!

The Revolution of Afghanistan will be victorious!

Long live the ALO and the comrades who died for your liberation!

Long live Dr Faiz Ahmad!

Long live the proletarian internationalism!

Long live Marxism - Leninism!

Let us rebuild a new 3rd Communist International in the spirit of Lenin and Stalin!

Long live the world revolution for communism!

We are singing with you the song of the International!

With red salutations

Wolfgang Eggers
Chairman of the Communist Party of Germany / Marxists-Leninists
Germany, 26th of October 1997

Farsi translation of this message