Long Live the Revolution in Afghanistan!

Down with the imperialistic robbers and their fundamentalist, nationalistic, reactionary and fascist guard-dogs!

Stop the terrible bloodbath in Afghanistan!

By Wolfgang Eggers
Chairman Communist Party of Germany (M-L)

Proletarians of all countries! Marxists - Leninists in the world! Revolutionaries of all liberation movements! Internationalists!

Look up Afghanistan!

It fills us up with mourning and hate, what happens there - so terrible things for such a long time! This must come to an end, now! Fast help is necessary! Afghanistan needs our proletarian internationalism of practical and moral solidarity! Practical help has to be organized in the workshops and offices! Collect money, food and medications! Found solidarity-committees! Organize demonstrations and protest marches! Prevent supplies of arms to Afghanistan! The Afghan people finally need peace, liberty and bread!

The people suffer under a row of inhuman and unjust wars forced upon them from outer and inner class - enemies. One hundred rope end were drowned in their blood. This war urges the Afghans to the end of their strength. The war brings them down with every further second in even deeper sorrows and misery. Murdering gangs roam through the country, and they loot, rape and burn everything down "in the name of Allah". Thousands of children mutilated by more than 10 millions of land-mines are left behind helplessly by the war. The war - widows starve because any work is forbidden to them. Not only the imperialists throw their bombs on Afghanistan: Afghans throw rockets into their own native towns. Afghans shoot at Afghans! The medical and social supply has caved in. Everything vital and worth is destroyed. The unemployment and poverty are shattering. The economic situation seems hopeless. The war has scorched the beloved ground, devastated towns and villages and changed the pitiful life into chaos. The Afghans are abducted The throats of innocent old men, women and children were bestially, people were massacred and held in prisons, tortured, starved, burnt and killed with live body. Many will not come over the winter and get not any accommodation. Ethnic minorities were pitilessly and cold-bloodedly assassinated. Others languish in the prison. The cruelties don't take any end and our hearts clench by that horrible brutality which differs in no way from the abominable deeds of the Nazi-fascists. The dignity, right, liberty, sovereignty and self-determination of the Afghans are kicked forcibly with feet. The unity, culture and history of the Afghans is more and more destroyed and sold abroad, to the USA, to the Iran, to Pakistan, to the Saudis and all the other blood-licking countries. Afghanistan has become an only large prison. Medieval exploitation and oppression! Who dares to rise once head will be eliminated at once. Revolutionaries are shot without further ado. 3 million escaped to the Iran; 3 million refugees in Pakistan; 50 000 Turkmens, Tajiks and Uzbeks were deported or kidnapped. One hundred rope end fled in the west or in other countries. Further dog rope end permanently is within the own country on the flight. Superfluously an earthquake came over Afghanistan, which demanded human lifes and many homeless people.

Afghanistan was attacked war likely by many foreign powers in history. These were the Russian Szars. These were the imperialistic Brits. These were the Russian social-imperialists and these are still today the US-imperialists and their chain-dogs, throwing bombs and letting in war-materials of millions of Dollars and Petrodollars. Terrorists even were trained militarily in the USA. It is the Iranian bourgeoisie who is not only threatening with war but sends also weapons and mercenaries in the Afghan war. One hundred rope end posts Iranian soldiers at the border of Afghanistan. It is also the Pakistani bourgeoisie who extends bloody hands towards Afghanistan and directs and exercises with the support of the secret service ISI war hordes in Afghanistan. It is the bourgeoisie of some other countries who mobilize their arms at the border of Afghanistan ready to interfere militarily. It is even the Turks who support the "alliance" generals in the Afghan war. The Russian imperialists, aren't the last ones: again they have marched up at the border of Usbekistan and devise revenge to the teeth armed, because they have suffered from a defeat in Afghanistan. It is the Saudi millionaires who deliver weapons, money and terrorists and incite the Afghans to the "sacred" war. The Chinese social imperialists also have their hands in the game. And the German imperialists made not only profit by the blood caused by their exported land-mines. All of them participate directly or indirectly in this bloody business. Besides there are also Afghan mercenaries in Bosnia or in the Kosovo on the side of the bourgeoisie. The world imperialism and his guard-dogs on the spot have drowned Afghanistan in the blood on whole line.

Who is worse? The foreign intruders or the oppressors of the own country? Both are worse! And they are both worst, because they cooperate to tyrannize the people, although they compete interfering within the inner matters of Afghanistan, simultaneously.

In times of 1992 the "Mujahedin" continued war and destruction, chaos, anarchy and loot, during and after the liberation from the Russian occupation. The "Mujahedin" had gambled away their influence through everything negative against the people. The chaos was followed by "Law And Order" established by the fundamentalists. Presently the Taliban ("the warriors of the Islam") slaughter down everything as well as the so-called "anti-Taliban alliance" in the north. This is a counterrevolutionary coalition movement under leadership of the fascists of "Rabbani - Masoud", "Dostum", of "Na-Deeda", of Iran supporters, Usbeks, of Moslem supporters as well as of not-fundamentalist groups etc. The Hezb-i-Wahdat group drove nearly one million of people into the death from starvation. The Islamic Gulbuddin Hekmatyar - this gang of killers - also belong to this counterrevolutionary anti-Taliban-alliance who has killed and shot the leaders and many comrades of the ALO. They got the weapons i.e. over certain routes through Kirgisistan from the Iran.

Besides, the former monarch Zahir Shah still tries to play an active roll as "a mediating head". These reactionary feudals have their present domicile in Italy. They are reproached to have favoured the Russians invasion.

The Taliban are Pashtun. Many of them are primarily refugees from Pakistan. The Taliban are paid mainly by the Saudis. Pakistan supports their recruitment and training. Primarily, the ISI (the Pakistani secret service) is involved. The Taliban's armed forces have their origins in Benazir Bhuttos opposition party, PPP, and various supporting Pakistani Islamist parties. The self-willed, better said: arbitrary, rigorous handling of the rules of the Sharia is decided to be exported into the own country by the Pakistani as balloon-attempts to remove political power with it. This is to stop some Islamic forces of the CTNSM in the northwest of Pakistan who threatened to split the country. The alibi is covered by phrases like "increasing crime" .One is afraid of the "Fallout" of the Afghan war. This Includes the Kashmir rebels whose camps were attacked by the US-rockets, now. Coordinating points are the Koran schools in which many young men are lured because there is free lodging and food. Particularly, the Taliban exterminated other ethnic minorities. There are massacres to the Hazaran (Mongolian tribe), but also to all the other ethnic minorities which aren't any Pashtun. The Taliban made headlines, as the city of Mazar-e-Sharif was demolished. This act was the bloody retribution at the town-dwellers as a revenge at the own victims of the Taliban. Stirring up ethnic, cultural and national disputes by the imperialist strategy and tactics harms the unity of the anti-imperialistic front in Afghanistan. All people - no matter to what ethnic group they belong - have to unite closely and to combine their forces against the common class-enemy to save the country and to build it up again.

There is not at all any power in the world which more brutally maltreats the women as the Taliban does, today. Women may leave the house only in company with manly relatives. Women and girls are forbidden to work or to go to school. They must move the shoes so that the men will not be disturbed praying. Hands will be chopped off if they carry nail varnish. They are sold by the parents as brides and later on sold by their own husband, if he wants to get rid of them again. You can fill sad books with the horrible discrimination of women in Afghanistan. They can only liberate themselves at the side of the proletarian struggle, on the barricades of the revolution. Feminists, as 1987 the founder of the RAWA, Meena Kishwar Kamal, was killed together with other heroeical female fighters. In the Western women are oppressed and exploited as well, but under different conditions and developed forms, but the result and the common character is comparable. So, the liberation struggle of Afghan women is a faunal for all women in the world, is a bright model of world revolution and proletarian internationalism!

The people are killed also by drugs. Afghanistan is second biggest opium producer of the world to Burma. The Taliban are also involved in this criminal business. Burning ceremonies by 2 tons of opium were demonstrated by the Taliban to rush into print. 1996 the production already increased by 25%. The 2 800 tons of opium throw off more than 20 million dollar per annum into the hands of Taliban. To 80 % of the heroin market in Europe gets covered by Afghanistan. This source of the power of the Taliban must urgently destroyed not only by the interest of the Afghan people but also by the interest of the world health.

However there is still "another" opium for the people -- the religion, the Islam. We Marxists-Leninists know not only since today that religion is opium in the people. There has never been a "religious socialism" and will never be. This applies also to the Islam, without impairing the meaning of the anti-imperialistic character of the struggle on the part of all the Moslem people. We support unconditionally the social and national struggle for liberation of all Moslems. We however condemn simultaneously the hostile to the people, inhuman and really fascist regimes of the reactionary clergy and feudalistic despots, who abuse the religion and who abuse the Islam to oppress the people politically and socially and exploit them in most brutal way. The fundamentalist forces theocracy upon the people of the world. The tyranny with fire and sword has produced again overdue, half-feudal conditions. Conservatism, mysticism, hostility opposite all progressive, new and foreign serves the Taliban to shield Afghanistan from foreign influences and to suffocate the people from inside. The penetrating revolutionary ideas shall be prevented by the old feudal clerical ideology. With the theory of the "Providence" - also abused by Hitler (!) - the consciousness of the masses shall be deadened, shall turn away "bad" conditions in the people and shall hinder the people's rebellions by a "fight against unbelieving". There are terrible actions against "heresy". By religious rituals social questions are covered up in the name of moral order". National and religious conflicts shall turn away of the class struggle. The class contradictions shall be hushed up by the "harmony" - ideology of the mohamedanism and is to be reconciled by religious "unity". The Taliban are far away from being faithful believers of the Islam. The Taliban abuse the Islam to justify genocide and tyranny.

We have to smash down fundamentalism! The religious fanatical development heats up and is spreading out into more and more countries. Imperialism intensifies world widely this scourge of mankind to make better profits. Therefore we Marxists - Leninists have to stop this grave development. We have to organize a worldwide fighting front under the leadership of the Marxist-Leninist organizations of all Muslim countries to sharpen the vigilance and the consciousness of the people against religious fanatism. That were also the Russian revisionists who invited the Orthodox Church to take part of the restoration of capitalism in the Soviet Union. Social fascism and religion are two sides of the same medal. We make class struggle - not religious struggle. Religion cannot change the world, only socialism! Fundamentalism is a dangerous enemy of the people, is an enemy of communism. Fundamentalism concretely served the US imperialists against the hegemony of the Russian social imperialists in Afghanistan. Fundamentalism isn't at all approximately anti-imperialistic -- as it wants to make us believe --, but is deeply reactionary and inhuman and a child of imperialism. The Islam isn't a weapon of the people against the imperialism but a weapon in the hands of the imperialism against the people. With fundamentalists there can be no unity front in the struggle against the imperialism without betraying the world revolution. We are both against the individual and against the state terrorism, whether of Ben Laden, whether of the Taliban or of the CIA or anybody else. We are for the revolutionary forces and the violence of the masses, for the dictatorship of the proletarians!

The development of the events in Afghanistan demonstrates once again the thesis of Marxism-Leninism, that the inner class-enemy cooperates with the foreign class-enemies with the aim to oppress and exploit the people. In this way they use religious, ideological weapons to isolate, manipulate and dominate the people. The anti-imperialistic, anti-colonialistic and anti-fascist rebellions and struggles of the Moslem peoples are brutally oppressed by the national and international counterrevolution. The Moslems are freedom-loving and progressive peoples and they have the power to win in the end when we support them solidarity. If one freedom-lovingly and progressively isn't minded, one cannot lift up himself for the fight for the liberty and national independence against the double, the inner and outer oppression. A further reason for the revolutionary renewal is the hard and difficult economic situation in Afghanistan, the famine and the great daily sorrow which the Afghans have to bear. The religious question is not in the foreground but the class question of the social and national liberation of the working class and peasant allies. It is not in the interest of the Moslem people to abolish the religion first and to make the revolution after this. One mustn't mix up the religious and the social question. The Afghan Marxists-Leninists must primarily put their revolutionary orientation on the working class into the center. The revolutionary task of the working class and the Marxist-Leninist ideology are decisive factor in the complicated Afghan situation for the right orientation. It is necessary that the revolutionary fighters in Afghanistan are hostile against religion. They must however avoid leading the fight against the confession of the people in first line simultaneously. The fight against the religious fanatism must be subordinated to the fight for the social liberation, for the revolution. If the people's struggle against the imperialism rises, if the revolutionary struggle rises, religious factors will be forced into the background. Not Allah decides over the destiny of Moslem peoples but the liberation weapons in the hands of the people! To look upon the events in Afghanistan cannot be done in the light of "Allah" but in the light of the historical and dialectical materialism. Surely, it is really hard to convince the Afghans of communism just in the back-view of the betrayal of the Russian revisionists. We Marxists-Leninists in Germany have the same problems caused by the social fascists of the past Ulbricht- and Honecker-regime in East Germany. This is why we esteem the revolutionary propaganda and agitation of the ALO within the masses very highly and this is why we feel warm sympathy and understanding for the Marxists-Leninists just in Afghanistan. The Russian social imperialists in the end are also blamable for the development of fundamentalism in Afghanistan although they want to make us believe that they were "anti-religious". One cannot lecture on any "communism" at which the bourgeoisie and her ideology are involved. This however passes also in the neighboring social imperialistic China. We welcome it therefore very much, that the ALO more consistently dissociates itself step by step from the Chinese revisionism and its primary origins of thoughts.

The revolution goes on with big steps. It doesn't stand still in Afghanistan. The situation is not at all hopelessly seeming but highly explosively.

The masses will not resign or get disappointed. Otherwise the consequence would be, that the exploitation and oppression would go on through only into new, terrible forms of ruling seem-reformists. This would let come up to the different imperialists only by new national reactionary alliances. The new revolutionary situation under the Moslem people must be studied exactly and we must make the right conclusions. New forms of the liberation struggle must be developed; new alliances have to be built because everything happening in Afghanistan, now, has an enormous meaning and strength for the future of the world revolution. The revolutionary conditions within central Asia are nowhere more positive. A powder keg will detonate in the center of the contradictions between all of the imperialists of the whole world. We pursue the revolutionary fight of the Marxists Leninists because of this in Afghanistan very attentively.

We know Marxists Leninists very well, who the wire-drawers are in Afghanistan:

These are the world imperialists -- primarily the US imperialists!

They yearn for money, much money! Millions of dollars have the Yanks put into Afghanistan against the Russian social imperialists to reach into the possession of Afghanistan! Behind the conflict in Afghanistan there are doubtless sturdy profit interests of the multinational companies. Everybody knows about essential raw materials and economic markets in central Asia. It is primarily about the natural gas and about the mineral oil, but also about other valuable mineral resources like cabbages and copper. The USA and its Anti-Iran Alliance want, that the oil flows around the Iran through Afghanistan and Pakistan. A natural gas pipeline between Turkmenistan and Pakistan is crossways planed through Afghanistan with a 2 thousand million dollars project. The USA and much other, look for entry to the energy occurrences and mineral resources in Usbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tadschikistan like Pakistan. Afghanistan stands in the center of the sharpest inter-imperialistic rivalries. First, this has been proved by the social imperialistic attack of the Russians. The USA has highly invested in technology to approach the raw materials. They keep the ruling classes under control in these countries and force them to concessions at the looting in central Asia and the Middle East. The profits of the American imperialists and of other imperialist countries are exceptionally high in comparison with the measures of the profits, of the ruling groups of the Middle East and of central Asia granted by the imperialists. This is a characteristic of today's neo-colonialism. To be able to exploit the riches of these countries in the maximum amount some well balanced concessions are made to the respective ruling bourgeois capitalists and feudal groups, but surely not to the "damage" of the world imperialism with the USA at the top. This example verifies the correctness of the thesis of Lenin, that the interests of the bourgeoisie of the different countries with the interests of the private monopolies also can very easily interweave with those of the state monopolies. The major monopolies can interweave also with monopolies which are less strong but having great riches primarily mineral resources under their rule like in Afghanistan.

This economic new division of the world, the intensified and globalized power of monopolies, their dictation upon the economic life and the economic development of the other countries increase the contradiction between -work and capital as well as the contradictions between the peoples of the world and imperialism as well as the inter-imperialistic contradictions.

With the slogan: "divide and rule!" the world imperialism under the leadership of the USA stirs up disputes and national wars and conflicts between neighboring states or rival groups of a country. They interfere political, economic and military in the inner matters and throw rockets at the country.

The local wars in Afghanistan have rapacious and not liberation character. Only if Afghanistan rises against the strange intruders, if it rises against the local bourgeoisie and reactionary clergy connected with the capital of the "new world economic system", then, this local war is a just war, a war of liberation. The ALO leads this war of liberation in Afghanistan armedly. The gangs of killers won't disappear peacefully or voluntarily. The refugees must however return again because they are needed for the revolution and then for the reconstruction of the country, urgently.

Beginning with Lenin conclusions about the nature of the imperialism and about his historical place, his today's rottenness and with regard to the revolution of the peoples as well as the increased contradictions and worldwide crisis world imperialism has not any more that dominating and undivided power like once. This is the dialectic of history and this confirms the Marxist-Leninist thesis, after what the imperialism is in progress of decline, decadence, rottenness on the one hand and on the other hand the proletarian revolution and the proletarian dictatorship will victoriously follow. It is about the elimination of the strange imperialistic, colonial and neo-colonial yoke and the local bourgeoisie and feudal big landowner in Afghanistan and about the elimination of oppression by the fundamentalist counter-revolution. Afghanistan won't accept any longer that the country's economy, social life and culture is ruined still further.

It is important that the ALO combines with the revolutionary organizations of all surrounding states and areas at an alliance against the common enemies. It is also necessary to call in the life a Marxist-Leninist alliance of all Moslem people and states to start the revolutionary actions on the base of working out and decide a general line. This also would be an important contribution for the world revolution. The union of all Marxist-Leninist parties of the Moslem world cannot be practiced with a narrow nationalistic viewpoint. Nevertheless all single Arabian people have their own characteristics, their particular history, specific problems, economic, cultural and socially various developments. It is impossible to treat these unusual features in mechanical way. Unity admits nevertheless, admits a common destiny that all of them hold together can instead of fighting occasionally and isolatedly. Particularly against Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the united Arabian Emirate must be fought together, appreciate the Taliban as "lawful" state-power in Afghanistan.

  • There is no other way to get rid of the barbarism in Afghanistan, as by revolution!
  • The Afghan people will defeat all their foreign and home enemies and build up the country finally in prosperity, freedom and peace!
  • Afghanistan belongs to the Afghan peoples!
  • The future of socialism will belong to the heroically fighting people one day!
  • Victory to the revolutionary liberation movement in Afghanistan!
  • Forwards with the ALO!
  • Long live Proletarian Internationalism and Communism!
  • Long live Marxism-Leninism!

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