Message of the Communist Party of Germany (M-L) 
on the Occasion of ALO's Martyrs Day


Dear Comrades of the ALO!

On the occasion of  the Martyrs Day of Afghanistan Liberation Organization, Communist Party of Germany (M-L) sends this fraternal message to you. We are sorry that the 12th of November has already passed for a month but we hope that you welcome that we stopped our silence last year when we tried to rebuild our internet communication system because of my move to Finland.

We hope you'll believe us that we did not forget the loss of your best comrade Dr.Faiz Ahmad and all the other beloved Martyrs of the ALO. Your enemies are the same enemies we have all together now to fight against all over the world. We are so sorry to recognize how the fundamentalists increase their fascist tormenting regime against the people and how they  continue to persecute the ALO and your liberation struggle. It seems that the US-imperialists proved further their  hostile and aggressive nature by new provocations upon your country. We heard that they officially tried to organize terrorism from the border of the Russian neighbor countries in cooperation with those servants of the former social-imperialist occupants who could not forget Afghanistan's victory of resistance.

Under the pretence of the name Bin Laden the imperialists proceed to play with the fire that will burn them down one day- the revolutionary flame of Afghanistan liberation.


The Martyrs did not die in vain. Neither the imperialists nor the Taliban and other reactionaries in your country can hinder revolution.

  • Down with Taliban and all fundamentalist fascism!
  • Down with all lackeys of imperialism and servants of the former social-imperialist!
  • Down with US -  imperialism and all the other imperialists all over the world as the German imperialism!
  • Stop the blatant imperialist aggression against Afghanistan!
  • Long live the ALO and their friendship!
  • Long live Revolution!
With our best red salutations to all of you!
Wolfgang Eggers for CPGer/ML
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