With the arms of Marxism forward on the Path of Our Martyrs!
A report from a function on commemoration of ALO Martyrs Day

Click to view the larger oneMartyr's Day of the Afghanistan Liberation Organization was marked on November 12, 1998, in a function attended by over 250 members and supporters of the ALO, families of martyred comrades, and a number of adherents of the revolutionary movement of our country.

photoThe hall where the function was held was decorated with portraits of great proletarian leaders, martyrs of the revolutionary movement in Afghanistan and tens of martyred ALO comrades who had been cut down by Khalqi and Parchami arch-traitors or had been butchered at the hands of criminal fundamentalist gangs. Banners decorating the walls included the following slogans:

  • Workers Of All Countries, Unite! ,
  • Let Our Dedication And Sacrifice For The Path Of Marxism Be A Stab In The Eyes Of The Imperialists And Their Chained Dogs!,
  • Martyred Comrades! Your Blood Is The Torch Illuminating The Path To Tomorrow!,
  • Let Us Exact Revenge For The Blood Of Our Martyrs Through Safeguarding The Unity Of The ALO!, and
  • The Truth Is On Our Side, Forward On The Path Of The Martyrs!

Credit for organising the function went to the hard work and dedication of ALO youth. At the beginning a minute's silence was observed in remembrance of martyrs of the ALO and the revolutionary movement in Afghanistan who had given up their lives for their homeland and countrymen. Subsequently a number of comrades spoke at length about the standpoints and policies of the ALO, and biographies and reminiscences of some martyred comrades were read out. At one point Comrade Parween gave a presentation of the life and works of the late Comrade Gholam Hussain Frotan, one of the outstanding leaders of the proletarian movement in Iran who recently passed away in Germany. Comrade Farhad spoke about the position and attitude of the ALO and of the late Comrade Dr Faiz Ahmad himself in regard to the question of women and ways of resolving it. Comrade Saleha expounded upon the epic life of Comrade Khosrov Gulsorkhi, the prominent Iranian revolutionary and poet, and his "Sounds of Battle" was declaimed. At the end of the function translations of messages from the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front (Turkey), the Maoist International Movement, and the Communist Party of Germany (Marxist-Leninist) to the ALO on the occasion of its Martyrs' Day were read out. At intervals throughout Click to view the larger onethe function, young male and female comrades rendered stirring revolutionary songs in Pashtu and Dari languages.

Speaking about a number of ALO standpoints on national and international issues, a comrade expounded the crimes and treacheries of fundamentalist gangs of the Taliban and Jihadi brands. "The ALO is bearing aloft the red banner which bears the blood of our leaders and some of our best cadres. With such a banner in hand it is struggling ceaselessly against enemies of various colours and hues. Its core duties comprise giving awareness, organising, and mobilising the masses in a broad anti-fundamentalist front against sold-out alien agents," he said. "We believe that under the present circumstances of Afghanistan the struggle for democracy is a great and revolutionary struggle which demands enormous sacrifices. Only Afghan Marxists are capable of bearing aloft the blood-stained banner of democracy. We must not allow traitorous and reactionary elements and groupings of the likes of Ahmad Shah Masoud & Co. to sully this glorious banner and engage in hypocritical demagogy under its colours."

Click to view the larger oneElaborating upon the true worth of different players on the Afghan political scene, the comrade referred to Ahmad Shah Masoud and his band in particular, and said "The ALO believes that we must not for a moment doubt the need for resolute struggle against the hypocrisy of Ahmad Shah Masoud. He is a traitor and a criminal who was first supported and armed by the CIA and is now being spoiled by French imperialism. Ahmad Shah Masoud is cunningly trying to don the mask of a civilised democrat, and by raising a deceptive banner of democracy he intends to lure a number of our compatriots into his nefarious web." The comrade went on to say that it devolves upon revolutionary elements to expose Ahmad Shah Masoud's demagogy and make our people aware of his true essence because unfortunately even a large number of intellectuals have fallen under the sway of his machiavellian cunning and are supporting him."

Touching upon the national question and the traitorous misuse fundamentalist bands are making of this issue, the comrade said, "By fanning the flames of national antagonisms, fascist fundamentalist bands are desperately trying to prolong their odious lives. We must alert the masses not to be deceived by such ruses. They must be given to understand that only the unity and united stance of all nationalities in our country against fundamentalism can put an end to the on-going tragedy in Afghanistan". The comrade added, "We must also expose those sold-out intellectuals who pander to parochial nationalistic strivings solely because they belong to this or that particular nationality or ethnic grouping. The Iranian lackey Hezb-i-Wahdat are as great traitors to the Hazaras as the Taliban miscreants are to the Pashtoon nationality, and the Rashid Dostum band are the worst enemies of those belonging to the Uzbek nationality. The same holds true of all other politico-nationalistic Click to view the larger onebands."

The function was concluded with all participants standing up and joining in a stirring rendition of the Internationale.