Some of our publications


The Beacon of Emancipation
An ALO political-theoretical publication

Front title of 
The Truth is With Us, Forward on the Path of Our Martyrs!

Back title of
"The Truth is with Us ..."

Full text in Persian

On A Number of Acute Current Problems


The Hand of Imperialism is at Work in all Flashpoints in the World
A glance at events in Rawanda, Somalia, Yemen, Palestine, etc.

Full text in Persian

Comrade! Your Blood is Our Covenant!
Documents of a function marking the 4th anniversary of the martyrdom of Comrade Dr Faiz Ahmad, the founding leader of ALO 

From Stark Wantonness to The Path of Absolution of Apostates
A treatise on the magazine "Rah" [The Path] published in Germany 


Eastern Europe: All Roads Do Not Lead to Capitalism

On Investigation and Reporting

What Happened in China?


On the Question of Women

Marxism-Leninism is the Banner of Our Age

Ahmad's Eternal Path


The CIA and the Afghan Resistance Movement

Comrade Ashraf Has Been Gunned Down By the Lapdog of Imperialism

Blaze Ever Brighter The Flames of Proletarian Struggle in Our Homeland!


Classes and Class Struggle

Let Us Strengthen Our Organization

What Is Going On in Yugoslavia?




On Our Recent Opportunists 
[July 1989]

The General Programme and the Charter of the ALO

On the Blows We Received in 1986





Blaze Ever Brighter The Flames of Proletarian Struggle in Our Homeland!
(Pushto translation)

We Swear Upon Your Blood, Comrades!
The lives and struggles of a number of our fallen comrades 

Some Party and Organizational Concepts